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recovered field notes of new caprica;
13th-Jul-2009 07:36 pm - [[VIVA]]


It was obviously epic. I saw at a 20k+ capacity venue, which is the largest I've been to, overlooking a river, in the middle of the desert that is central Washington. And they were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Worth the sunburn, the cows that blocked our view, the smellies, the drunks, and the extremelly high levels of cannabis in the air. Even Chris Martin joked about the smell. Ha!

Oh. There was confetti to top it all off. Took handfulls of it home (they're butterfly shaped) and will frame it all in the future.

Thanks Coldplay. You were mind-blowing!
20th-Jan-2009 11:30 am - [[Obligatory Historical Day Post]]

My fellow citizens:

I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors. I thank President Bush for his service to our nation, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath. The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because we the people have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears, and true to our founding documents.

So it has been. So it must be with this generation of Americans.Collapse )
4th-Sep-2008 02:00 pm - [[Friend's Cut]]

It's time for a friend's cut. It's not you. It's not me. It's us. Goodbye to:

* astrokittie
* bakaneko24
* honeycreepshow
* ipchan
* salyu
* joe_sushi
* sesshienomiko
* kunoichi_usagi
* mfucking_stars

I wish everyone of you nothing but luck and good things in life.
20th-Jan-2007 09:30 pm - [[Icons]]

bannersCollapse )
30th-Jul-2005 01:53 am - RESOURCE POST
ResourcesCollapse )

If I have not credited you, please leave a comment letting me know so.
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